-Please note that the farm was sold in 2017 and the former owners and creators moved to the South of France-

Our Story

Chris, creator of La Bastide des Lavandes is a native of Southern France . Passionate about plants and all things natural, he decided to grow his native land's plants in the Carolinas. With the support of his wife Jackie, they planted in less than six years over 6,000 plants and trees on their property in York County, SC, comprising over 650 species (including over 60 varieties of Lavender) and ultimately creating: 

Chris and Jackie created in 2010 a truly unique place where visitors feel like they have traveled to the South of France before realizing they are still in South Carolina. The lush and unique gardens are a testament to the ability of many Mediterranean plants to grow and thrive in the Southeastern US, contrary to popular assumptions. The newly created botanical garden was even featured in Horticulture Magazine in 2014 and numerous newspapers around the US.

The Mediterranean farmstead offers the perfect setting for an authentic Southern French experience in the heart of the South Carolina countryside.

Our primary goal was to inspire and educate about the opportunities that Nature offers everyone, and the plethora of flora and fauna which, together with human beings, constitutes and enhances the concept of Terroir [ The Terroir is a traditional French philosophy which encompasses the soil, the environment, age old traditions, human's humility towards Nature, respect, authenticity and the product of all these components].

Since 2011, we shared our passion and knowledge with well over 1800 people during our educational tours and workshops, inspiring many.

- Our philosophy is our way of life -

It consists of living in harmony with Nature, respecting the land, observing and learning from our natural environment, using sustainable growing practices, teaching authentic and proven methods, utilizing Nature's therapeutic gifts to enhance our natural products, providing an idyllic environment for pollinators, and sharing traditional age old natural concepts and ideas from the Old World.

- A New Adventure -

Chris and Jackie sold the lavender farm in 2017 and are now off to a new adventure of environmental stewardship back to the Old World where they are in the process of creating a unique botanical garden and lavender farm in Chris' native South of France.


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